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1971 VW Beetle

Vehicle Description

1971 VW BeetleThe VW Bug or VW Beetle 1971 Sedan has some remarkable features. We can recognize the VW Beetle 1971 with his large rear window.

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Main changes:

  • Dual port 1600 engine.
  • Three part induction manifold.
  • Solex 34PICT/3 carby.
  • Combination vacuum/centrifugal distributor.
  • Activated charcoal filter to catch fuel fumes.
  • New larger oil cooler mounted ‘doghouse’ style and venting to atmosphere – gives better cooling to No 3 cylinder.
  • Bigger capacity (wider) cooling fan.
  • New clutch throw-out assembly and ball release bearing.
  • Headlights go off when ignition off.
  • ‘Eyebrow’ vents behind rear window for improved cabin ventilation.
  • Superbug with McPherson strut (vertical coil spring) front suspension introduced, (Standard beetle still in production too).
  • Bigger front brakes (drum brake models).
  • Larger oil pump.
  • Different camshaft retainer (4 rivets).
  • Wiring for VW computer analysis system added late 71.
  • In Australia, 1300s are standard beetles, 1600s are superbugs.
  • In the US, both super and standard beetles are offered with 1600 engines.

VW Beetle 1971 chassis numbers: 111 2000 001 – 111 3200 000

1971 VW Beetle parts

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