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1968 VW Beetle

Vehicle Description

1968 VW BeetleThe VW Bug or VW Beetle 1968 Sedan has some remarkable features. We can recognize the VW Beetle 1968 with his large rear window.

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Main changes:

  • Semi-automatic option with double joint rear axles (but dropping anti-sway bars) added as an option.
  • In the USA this is known as IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) – which is a bit of a misnomer, as ALL beetles have independent rear suspension, but some are swing axles and some are double joint axles.
  • New bumpers.
  • Hubcaps made flatter.
  • Plastic dashes (US models only?).
  • Large black knob added to vent window opener.
  • Gear change lever now straight.
  • Four stud wheels replace 5 stud patten.
  • Bigger front brakes (drum brake model).
  • Bigger rear brakes.
  • Solex 30PICT/2 carby.
  • Fuel filler moved outside to behind right front fender.
  • Brake fluid reservoir moved from under spare tyre to left side of front luggage area.
  • Fuel gauge combined with speedo. Fuel gauge is now electrical.
  • Oil warning light now red.
  • Outside door handle has squeeze trigger with single-finger shape.
  • Larger ‘flat bottom’ tail lights.
  • Head restraints built into front seat backs (US models only?).
  • Collapsible steering column.
  • US models have exhaust emission control.
  • Front hood release moved into glove compartment, and fuel door release is inside from late 68.

VW Beetle 1968 chassis numbers: 118 000 001 – 118 1016 100

1968 VW Beetle parts

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