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1962 VW Beetle

1962 VW Beetle vehicle description

VW Beetle 1962The 1962 VW Bug or VW Beetle Sedan has some remarkable features. We can recognize the 1962 VW Beetle with his large rear window.

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Main changes in 1962

  • Fuel gauge replaces reserve tap.
  • Tail light ‘glass’ now plastic.
  • Spring balance to front hood.
  • Sliding covers on heater outlets.
  • Progressive valve springs.
  • Anchor points for seat belts.
  • Stronger clutch springs.
  • Windshield washer uses spare tire for air pressure.
  • Last year of semaphores on domestic models.

VW Beetle 1962 chassis numbers: 4 010 995 – 4 846 835

The chassis numbers for the 1962 VW Beetle are between 4 010 995 – 4 846 835.

Engine 1962 VW Bug

4-cyl. 1192cc/34hp 1bbl with manual transmission.

1962 VW Beetle parts

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1962 VW Beetle for sale

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How to restore a VW Beetle

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