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1957 VW Beetle Oval Window

1957 VW Beetle Oval Window vehicle description

VW Beetle 1957The 1957 VW Bug or VW Beetle Oval window has an unique design. The Oval window in the back is timeless and it provides the car with a very high value.

Main changes in 1957

  • Optional sunroof gets smaller again.
  • Oil galleries in engine are bigger.
  • Ring and Pinion ratio changed.
  • Brake pedal redesigned for more leverage.
  • Adjustable striker plates in door frames.
  • Tubeless tyres replace tubed tyres
  • Front heater outlets moved back to within 5 inches of door for better heat circulation

VW Beetle 1957 chassis numbers: 1 394 120 – 1 774 680

The chassis numbers for the 1957 VW Beetle are between 1 394 120 – 1 774 680.

Engine 1957 VW Bug

4-cyl. 1192cc/36hp 1bbl with manual transmission.

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1957 VW Beetle parts

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