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1951 VW Beetle Split Window

1951 VW Beetle Split Window vehicle description

VW Beetle 1951

The 1951 VW Bug or VW Beetle Split window has an unique design. The split window in the back is timeless and it provides the 1951 Beetle with a very high value. It was very easo to spot a 1951 VW Beetle Split Window model, just look for the ventilation flaps on the body panel between the front fender and the door. This was one of at least 25 significant running changes. In January, the generator pulley was redesigned, a sleeve for guiding the accelerator cable return spring was added and the original magnesium-aluminum alloy crankcase was replaced by the electron type experimented with earlier. Volkswagen also decided to bench test the Standard Beetle Sedan rather than run it in on a test track. A synthetic cam gear was put into production and the exhaust silencer pipe was modified. Windows appeared in both halves of the crankcase starting in April. A Wolfsburg crest was added on the front hood of the Export VW Beetle 1951 Split Window model. Also, the front heater flaps were moved inside the heat exchangers and telescopic shocks relaced the lever-action style on export models and convertibles. Bright metal trim was added to the windshield of export Beetle models, the front side panels got pull-out flaps and a locking glove compartment was addet to the Beetle Convertible.

Main changes in 1951

  • Chrome deluxe moulding added to windscreen seal.
  • Wolfsburg crest added to front bonnet above bonnet handle.
  • Vent flaps added to front quarter body panels (commonly known as crotch coolers).
  • Chrome moulding to windshield.
  • Wolfsburg crest on front hood.
  • Vent flaps to front quarter panels on export models.
  • Double acting shockers replace rear lever shockers.
  • Glove box door added to convertibles.
  • Single valve springs replace double springs.

VW Beetle 1951 chassis numbers: 220 134 – 313 829

The serial number of the VW Beetle 1951 Split Window model is on a plate on the front hood center and at back of spare tire and stamped on chassis tunnel (backbone) under the rear seat. Engine number is stamped on the generator support and on the crankcase.

Engine 1951 VW Beetle

Horizontally opposed, overhead-valve four-cylinder (air cooled). Light alloy block and heads finned cylinders with cast-iron cylinder liners. Displacement: 69.0 cid (1131 cc). Bore & stroke: 2.95 x 2.52 in. (75 x 64 mm). Compression ratio: 5.8:1. Brake horsepower: 24.5 at 3300 rpm. Torque: 51 ft.-lbs. at 2000 rpm. Solid valve lifters. Solex carburetor. 6-volt electrical system.

Read our air-cooled VW Beetle engine guide for additional information.

1951 VW Beetle for sale

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How to restore a VW Beetle

Are you looking to restore a 1951 VW Bug? Here you can find some useful documents that might help you.

1951 VW Beetle parts

Are you looking for parts for your 1951 VW Beetle? On this page, you can submit a parts request that is sent to multiple VW Beetle parts sellers (Paruzzi & VW Heritage). They will provide you with their price (without obligation to buy the parts AND there are no hidden charges).


1951 VW Beetle Interior Parts

Not only the exterior of the car has suffered the ravages of time, often it is the inside that needs the most attention. Whether you are looking for a complete door panels set, the highest quality German-made shifters and pedals or a new headliner, every 1951 VW Beetle Interior part is available.

1951 VW Beetle interior parts

1951 VW Beetle interior parts

1951 VW Beetle interior upholstery

The 1951 VW Beetle interior upholstery parts consists of a few subcategories. You have the seat covers and padding, the new headliners, the door panels in many different colors, the carpet kits, the sun visors and the replacement seats. Often all the aforementioned parts are bundled together in complete interior kits. These kits are cheaper than buying everything separately.

1951 VW Beetle Interior Accessories

Besides the interior upholstery parts, you also have cool 1951 VW Beetle Interior Accessories. You have dashboard accessories, radios, speakers, cupholders and consoles, shifters and pedals, steering wheels,… All these 1951 VW Bug Interior Accessories allow you to customize your Bug to the next level. Nice accessories ensure that your car gets its own personality.

1951 VW Beetle Exterior Parts

The exterior is the first thing people get to see from your car. A VW Bug is a highly customizable car, so hardly any Beetle is the same. This resulted in many different Beetle styles: the Cal Look (California Look), French look, Rat look, the Baja Bug,… We discuss all these types in our VW Beetle Styling article. There are lots of 1951 VW Beetle Exterior Parts subcategories. You have many different wheels, tires and hubcaps, brake systems, rear and front suspension, body metal, seals and of the VW Beetle window glass.

1951 VW Beetle Wheels & Tires

Wheels and tires are the shoes of a car. A shiny rim attracts the attention of many eyes. Therefore there is a very large 1951 VW Beetle Wheels and Tires range available on the market. This range includes wheels, tires and accessories (such as hubcaps, wheel adapters and trim rings). As you already know, the VW Bug is highly customizable. This is also the case for the wheels, the offer is endless: EMPI Sprintstar VW Wheels Chrome Plated or Black with Polished Lip, EMPI BRM VW Wheels Gloss Black, EMPI 911 Alloy VW Wheel,… Something for everyone!

1951 VW Beetle Brake System

Safety is very important, especially when you are driving an older car. In our opinion, the functionality of your brakes is one of the most important parts of your VW. There is a large range of high quality German 1951 VW Beetle Brake Systems available on the market. The large selection includes brake shoes, brake drums, front and rear brake parts, master cylinders, brake shoes, brake lines, brake reservoirs and multiple hardware kits.

1951 VW Beetle Suspension

1951 VW Beetle Suspension parts include steering components (tie rods, steering boxes, dampers and much more), front and rear suspension parts. The suspension is the system that connects a VW Bug to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two. The suspension is supposed to support both roadholding / handling and ride quality, which are at odds with each other.

1951 VW Beetle Body Parts and Metal Sheets

It is possible that your VW Bug has a lot of rus and that you have to replace certain crucial parts. There are lots of 1951 VW Beetle Body Parts and Metal Sheets available on the market. The VW Beetle floor pans often needs to be replaced. But also the gas tank, VW Bug fenders, decklids and aprons are frequently recurring parts that have to be purchased again. As mentioned before, rust is one of the main reasons to replace body parts and metal sheets. Check out our Ultimate checklist to buy a Volkswagen Beetle and discover our rust checklist.

1951 VW Beetle Exterior Rubber & Seals

If you have bought a VW Bug, the rubbers and seals are often in poor condition. A car that is imported from a warm region (such as California) has frequently dried out window seals and door rubbers. They are therefore in need of replacement to protect the vehicle against rain and other bad weather conditions. There is a wide range of 1951 VW Beetle Rubber and Seals kits available: VW door rubbers kits, body rubbers kits and window rubbers kits. Parts sellers offer both Cal-Look Style Window Seals and American Style Window Seals so you can achieve exactly the look you desire for your air-cooled Volkswagen bug. Cal-Look window rubber is a popular style of after-market window seals that do not come with a molding groove. Cal-Look Seals are easy to install and do not require trim.

1951 VW Beetle Windshields, Windows and Glass

1951 VW Beetle windshields and glass are made of premium safety glass. Most of the automotive glass for VW Bugs is pre-cut and sanded. Besides the window and windshields, there is also a large offer of new new replacement window glass including seals, trim, regulators, window cranks, latches, locks and installation hardware.

1951 VW Beetle Exterior Trim & Accessories

Pimp your VW Bug with the necessary accessories. The list of 1951 VW Beetle Exterior Trim and Accessories is endless. Install a vintage roof rack, replace your old running boards, install shiny new bumpers or protect your car with a complete selection of car covers, front and rear fender guards, a spare tire tool box kit and so much more. 1951 VW Beetle Accessories give your car that something extra.

1951 VW Beetle Carburetor & Engine

1951 VW Beetle Carburetors

The 1951 VW Beetle carburetor is a very important component in the engine compartment. As you might know, the carburetor ha several functions: it combines gasoline and air creating a highly combustible mixture, it also regulates the ratio of air and fuel and it controls the engine speed. There is a difference between the regular stock carburetors and the VW Bug performance carburetors. The performance carburetor gives your vehicle a boost. For example: Weber VW carburetors are known for their high quality performance.

1951 VW Beetle Carburetor

1951 VW Beetle Carburetor

1951 VW Beetle Engine and Transmission

Multiple parts sellers offer a complete selection of 1951 VW Beetle Engine and transmission parts. This selection contains components for a variety of VW Bug motors: camshafts, cylinder heads, engine gasket kits, engine cases, pushrods, bearings and much more. There are also transmission parts available for both 6 volt and 12 volt configurations.

1951 VW Beetle Exhaust Systems

Here it is also the case that you have a stock 1951 VW Beetle exhaust system and a performance VW Bug exhaust system. The performance exhausts are offered in stainless steel for a long lasting, rust-free finish or with a silver ceramic coating that looks awesome and keeps the engine cooler by reflecting heat back into the exhaust tube.

1951 VW Beetle Electrical Components

1951 VW Beetle Electrical System

The VW Bug electrical system is not that complicated as many modern cars. All 1951 VW Beetle electrical components are available on the market to keep your aircooled ride powered up. There are complete wiring kits, switches, relays, interior and exterior lighting, alternators, generators and much more. Installing VW electrical parts is very simple, there are many VW Beetle wiring diagrams available on the internet.