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1949 VW Beetle Split Window specs

1949 VW Beetle Split Window specs and vehicle description

VW Beetle 1949

The 1949 VW Bug or VW Beetle Split window has an unique design. The split window in the back is timeless and it provides the 1949 Beetle with a very high value. In 1949, there were over 51 changes, but they did not happen all at once. Early in the year, an under-dash pull cable replaced the former locking-handle hood release. This meant that the engine cover in the rear of the Beetle was no longer lockable. Another change was the addition of a block-out plate on the right-hand side of the standard dashboard. Volkswagen added this so that the sheet metal did not have to be cut out to install a radio. In addition, the front and rear bumpers were redesigned th have wider sections and the manufacture of convex-curved bumper guards stopped. Smaller, more rounded bumper guards were used on export Beetle models. Also, a double heating conduit was adopted and a double heater cable was added. A front seat with a straight backrest replaced the previous slanted-backrest style and a new throttle cable with an elbow at the front was adopted to the 1949 VW Beetle Split Window model. In February, the intake pipe bracket was modified and two lenghtwise metal rails were added in the luggage compartment from the VW Bug. In April, Volkswagen started using a new fuel pump with blue Solex diaphragms fitted with four gaskets. In May, the dashboard was completely changed in the export Beetle models and a new two-spoke steering wheel appeared in them. Many changes were made in June; the engine got a new heater pipe and a cylinder head ventilation holes filter.

Main changes in 1949

  • License plate indentation on rear deck lid dropped.
  • Inside pull cable release for bonnet, no lock on bonnet handle.
  • Solex carburettor introduced as standard equipment.
  • Dashboard redesigned.
  • Starting crank hole dropped (VWs previously could be started by both key and hand crank).
  • Solex carby standard.
  • Domed top on air filter.
  • Inlet manifold support.
  • Front torsion bars transposed – 5 in lower tube, 4 in upper tube.
  • Exhaust valves get case hardened stems.
  • Elektron gearbox casing replaces magnesium alloy.
  • Fusebox relocated to inner left hand front wing.
  • Pressing for number plate on engine lid dropped.
  • Fuel tank shape altered, no gauge strainer fitted.
  • Filler cap gets VW emblem.
  • Cylinders have higher phosphor content.
  • Brown rubber mats in front foot wells, sitting on rubber floorpan covering.
  • Brake cables get Mipolam sheeting.
  • Larger roller for accelerator pedal.
  • Two types of shock absorbers available – Boge or Hemscheidt.
  • Pull cable bonnet release.

VW Beetle 1949 chassis numbers: 091 922 – 138 554

The serial number of the 1949 VW Beetle Split Window model is on a plate on the front hood center and at back of spare tire and stamped on chassis tunnel (backbone) under the rear seat. Engine number is stamped on the generator support and on the crankcase.

Engine 1949 VW Bug

Horizontally opposed, overhead-valve four-cylinder (air cooled). Light alloy block. Light alloy heads. Finned cylinders with cast-iron cylinder lines. Displacement: 69.0 cid (1131 cc). Bore & Stroke: 2.95 x 2.52 in. (75 x 64 mm). Compression ratio: 5.8:1 Torque: 51 ft.-lbs. at 2000 rpm. Brake horsepower: 24.5 at 3300 rpm. Solid valve lifters. Solex carburetor. 6-volt electrical system.

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