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1948 VW Beetle Split Window specs

1948 VW Beetle Split Window specs and vehicle description

1948 VW Beetle Split WindowThe VW Beetle 1948 Split window has an unique design. The split window in the back is timeless and it provides the 1948 Beetle with a very high value. By 1948 the VW Beetle chassis number was being stenciled on the chassis tunnel, between the gear shifter and the handbrake. The VW Beetle Sedan remained largely the same as the 1947 VW Beetle. Running changes were made from time to time. During that year a crankshaft with a 48.5 mm diameter for the flywheel was adopted. The flywheel had a 48.5 mm bore. In that same year, the unsprung choke cable was also adopted. This was the last full year for a T-shaped handle to be seen on the luggage compartment in the fron of the VW Beetle. The classic 1948 models otherwise retained early-beelte characteristics including a rear axle with single-acting shocks, a T-shaped luggage compartment handle, pull-out door handles and a license plate pressing on the rear engine cover.

Main changes in 1948

  • ‘Pope’s nose” licence plate light.
  • Steering column has longitudinal groove for steering lock.
  • Modified brake drums for the 1948 VW Beetle.

VW Beetle 1948 chassis numbers: 072 744 – 091921

The 1948 VW Beetle Split Window serial number is on a plate on the front hood center and at the back of spare tire and stamped on chassis backbone under rear seat. Engine number is stamped on the generator support and on the crankcase. The model year ended on December 31, 1948.

Engine 1948 VW Beetle

Four base engine. Horizontally opposed, overhead-valve four-cylinder (air cooled), light alloy block with cast-iron cylinders. Displacement: 69.0 cid (1131 cc). Bore & stroke: 2.95 x 2.52 in. (75 x 64 mm). Compression ratio: 5.8:1. Brake horsepower: 24.5 at 3000 rpm. Torque: 51 ft.-lbs. at 2000 rpm. Solid valve lifters. Downcraft carburetor. 6-volt electrical system.

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