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1946 VW Beetle Split Window specs

1946 VW Beetle Split Window specs and vehicle description

VW Beetle 1946The VW Beetle 1946 Split Window is a real icon on the road. This car is very valuable for car collectors. As everyone knows, the shape of the VW Beetle would change little over the next three decades. Volkswagen still promoted a continuous sequence of mechanical and detail improvements. For the 1946 VW Beetle Split Window, the engine size was increased from 985 cc to 1131 cc.

This 1.1 liter power plant was used from 1945 until 1950. The sealing tubes for the engine push rods had new corrugated tube ends. Early VW Beetle engines were rated 24.5 hp and often referred top as 25-hp models. An unsynchronized four-speed gear box meant plenty of double clutching was required to change gears, especially when downshifting the VW Beetle. Next to the gearshift lever was the manual choke button. Early Beetle models had a split-oval rear window with a rather thick pillar between the tiny panes.

Main changes in 1946

  • Pushrod tubes get compressible corrugated ends, replacing springs.
  • Fuel tank from the VW Beetle 1946 Split Window got raised.
  • Grease nipple introduced on brake cables.
  • Tyres increase from 4.5×16 to 5.0×16.

VW Beetle 1946 chassis numbers: 1-053 815 – 1-063 796

The serial number from the VW Beetle 1946 Split Window is on the plate on the front hood center and at the back of the spare tire and stamped on chassis backbone under rear seat. The VW Beetle engine number is stamped on the generator support and under the crankcase.

Engine 1946 VW Beetle

Base four engine. Horizontally opposed, overhead-valve four-cylinder, air cooled. Light alloy block with cast-iron cylinders. Displacement: 69.0 cid (1131 cc). Bore & stroke 2.95 x 2.52 in. (75 x 64 mm). Compression ratio: 5.8:1. Brake horsepower: 24.5 at 3000 rpm. Torque: 51 ft.-lbs. at 2000 rpm. Solid valve lifters. Downdraft carburetor. 6-volt electrical system.

Historical facts

Allied forces entered the area of the Volkswagen factory on April 10, 1945. A total of 17.109 people lived in the town, then called KdF-Stadt, and nearly half of them were auto workers. Around 336.000 workers (called “Volkswagen Savers”) had put 267 million German Reichsmarks into a special account to earn a car. That account was administered by the German Labor Front. Volkswagen rise from the ashes was not a smooth or easy journey.

Located less than 15 miles from the Russian-occupied East German sector, 60% of the Wolfsburg plant had been destroyed by Allied aircraft bombings. On October 14, 1946 the 10.000th VW Beetle produced since the end of WWII rolled down the assembly line. The 1946 VW Beetle Split Window required a full 39 seconds to move from 0 to 60 mph. Its top speed was a reported 65 mph. It delivered 35 mpg fuel economy.

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