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Who makes Mastercraft tires?

Who makes Mastercraft tires?

Mastercraft Tires are made by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company together with some other brands such as Cooper tires, Avon Tyres, Roadmaster Tires, Starfire Tires, Mickey Tompson Tires & Wheels, Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels, and Dean Tires. The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is based in Findlay, Ohio. More than 9,200 people work in Cooper facilities worldwide.

Where are Mastercraft tires made?

The company has several manufacturing facilities and dealers around the globe. Mastercraft Tires are made in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Here’s an overview of the different manufacturing branches:

  • Findlay, Ohio (United States)
  • Clarksdale, Mississippi (United States)
  • Tupelo, Mississippi (United States)
  • Texarkana, Texas (United States)
  • El Salto (Mexico)
  • Melksham (United Kingdom)
  • Krusevac (Serbia)
  • Kunshan (China)
  • Qingdao City (China)

Who sells Mastercraft tires?

You can buy Mastercraft tires in the entire US. The Cooper Tires & Rubber Company created a dedicated dealer locator that shows you who sells Mastercraft tires. It is often the case that dealers take an extra commission on the purchase of tires. We, therefore, recommend an alternative method to purchase and install Mastercraft tires.

This is what you should do: buy the desired tires directly on Amazon, here you will certainly find the cheapest offer. Once you have the tires, take them to your local car dealer or repair shop. Ask them to assemble the new tires. In this way, you only pay a service fee and no commission on the tires.

Is Mastercraft Tires a good brand?

Mastercraft Tires is definitely a good brand. The brand is well-known for its superior quality and outstanding value. In addition, the brand is available for a wide variety of applications. You can buy Mastercraft Tires for passenger cars, light trucks, sports utility and winter conditions.

Most popular tires

Mastercraft tires MXT

The Mastercraft tires MXT, also known as the Courser MXT, is designed for extreme off-road mud terrains. The tire is very suitable for light truck owners and extreme off-roaders. The MXT Mastercraft tire has an aggressive upper sidewall design which increases off-road traction and sidewall abrasion resistance. The traction edges on the tire provide an improved lateral grip. The wide grooves between the outer tread blocks allow the MXT to easily clean out, increasing grip for superior traction. These elements ensure that this tire provides an ultimate mud and snow traction performance.

Mastercraft tire MXT
Mastercraft tire MXT

Mastercraft tires AXT

The Mastercraft Tires AXT, also known as the Courser AXT is an all-terrain tire. The tire has 12% more lateral grooves, which is perfectly suited to tackle tough off-road terrains while providing superior on-road performance and handling. The zig-zag shape grooves provide increased soft surface and snow traction. The buttress design with alternating shoulder scallops gives the AXT Mastercraft tire an aggressive look.

Mastercraft tire AXT
Mastercraft tire AXT

Mastercraft tires CXT

The Mastercraft tires CXT, also known as the Courser CXT is a premium light truck commercial traction tire that provides trusted all-terrain performance with enhanced off-road durability. The CXT Mastercraft tire features variable full depth siping and a silica-rich tread compound for enhanced wet and winter traction. The large tread element and blocky design help to resist abnormal wear while enhancing tread stability and durability.

Mastercraft tire CXT
Mastercraft tire CXT

Mastercraft tires are perfectly suited for multiple Volkswagen models such as the Type 3, Type 4 and the VW Beetle.

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