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The remarkable VW Beetle Police Car

Back in the 60s and 70s, the streets were flooded with VW Beetle police cars. Not only in Germany, but also in other countries around the globe. The VW Beetle police car could be found in various versions: black and white, green and white (Germany) or red and white.

VW Beetle Police Car Polizei in Germany

The bumper mounted spotlights were obviously an addition, and we presume holes were drilled in the roof to mount the PA system on the roof, along with the familiar blue light – and we suspect there may be a few more holes in the dash where the radio gear would have been mounted. Under the front bumper sit the sirens to alert the populace that an underpowered cop car is on the case. The Beetle was not equipped with seat belts, like many other cars in that period.

The VW Beetle police car wasn’t made to intercept

The VW Beetle Police Car or German Polizei vehicle wasn’t made to intercept speeders. The car was used to keep things in order. The remarkable Beetles with their 45-horspower engines were kept in service as traffic-control units, most of the time with two officers onboard.

VW Beetle Police Diecast model car

VW Beetle Police car Diecast model from Germany

The Beetle Police Diecast model car is very popular amongst young and old. This model is from 1967 and it is a copy of Germany police car with a green light that fascinates collectors as well as children. This is another model made from diecast along with plastic parts and rubber used for the tires. Just like other Volkswagen diecast model cars, you can notice the details and cherish each one. From gear to steering wheel each aspect has been perfect to make this Kafer Germany police car resemble the real-life version. The dimensions are approximately L-8.5, W-4, H-3.5 inches.

Interested in this VW Beetle Police car Diecast model? You can buy it here.

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