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how to install sound deadening insulation in a vw beetle and bus

How to install sound deadening insulation

In this article we will show you how to install sound deadening insulation. If there’s one thing we know about VW Buses and Beetles more specifically, that would be the deafening sounds that they provide most of the time. It’s always a good idea to try and deal with these sounds to the best of your capabilities. What you need to do here is to acqui...Read More

VW Beetle Police car from Germany

The remarkable VW Beetle Police Car

Back in the 60s and 70s, the streets were flooded with VW Beetle police cars. Not only in Germany, but also in other countries around the globe. The VW Beetle police car could be found in various versions: black and white, green and white (Germany) or red and white. The bumper mounted spotlights were obviously an addition, and we presume holes were...Read More

Volkswagen Diecast model cars

Our 8 favorite Volkswagen Diecast models: VW Bus and Beetles

Volkswagen Diecast is a name that has been one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to model cars. Many people still find it fascinating as it’s a classic that never goes out of fashion. Here is our favorite selectien of Volkswagen Diecast model cars. The selection consists of VW Buses and Beetles. 1:18 Volkswagen Kafer “MotorhomeR...Read More

How to fix oil leaks and drips for a VW Beetle or Bug

It’s actually pretty common to find a VW Beetle oil leak and this is why you need to figure out the best way on how you can fix those oil leaks and drips as fast as possible. Spot the oil leaks Go under the Bug and then start checking the car. Wipe everything down and then come back after a few minutes to see where the oil is dripping from. The nut...Read More

VW Beetle Rat Rod

What is a VW Bug Rat Rod?

A VW Bug Rat Rod, also called a VW Beetle Rat Rod, is a type of Hot Rod or custom vehicle that imitates the early Hot Rods. A VW Bug Rat Rod is often a backyard or garage project. Usually you start from scratch with parts of two old cars. The perfect Rat Rod looks like it shouldn’t be able to hold together. How to build a VW Rat Rod Bug? Get ...Read More

Slammed VW Bug

What is a slammed VW Bug?

A slammed VW Bug or Beetle is a lowered vehicle. “Slamming” or “Stancing” is a car modification which means that the suspension is lowered and that the bumper should almost stick on the floor. In most cases the Bug won’t move faster, but way slower. What are the advantages of a slammed VW Bug The VW Bug looks much bett...Read More

What you need to know about an electric car conversion

The automotive industry is changing rapidly. The technological changes are directly linked to the climate changes that we have observed in recent decades. New cars have to become more and more economical to comply with the legal guidelines. It goes so far that in certain cities, some cars are no longer allowed. We call this a low-emission zone (LEZ...Read More

Split Window VW Bus Bug

The split window VW family: bug and bus

The most iconic Volkswagen models are without a doubt the Splitties. Splitties, a nickname born from a passionate love for the split window VW, can be divided into the Split Window VW Bus and the Split Window Bug (also called Split Window Beetle). The Split window VW Bus is unique in its kind Everybody knows them: the classic Split Window VW Bus, w...Read More

VW Beetle vs Super Beetle difference

VW Beetle vs Super Beetle: What’s the difference?

A question we often get: what’s the difference between the VW Beetle vs Super Beetle? Well, with the naked eye you would certainly not see the difference. The VW Super Beetle came to the market in 1971. It is officially known as the VW 1302 from 1971 to 1972 and VW 1303 from 1973 onward but most commonly called Super Beetle. Main differences betwee...Read More

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