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How to install sound deadening insulation

In this article we will show you how to install sound deadening insulation. If there’s one thing we know about VW Buses and Beetles more specifically, that would be the deafening sounds that they provide most of the time. It’s always a good idea to try and deal with these sounds to the best of your capabilities. What you need to do here is to acquire a good product such as Quick Roof or Dynamat that will allow you to add some rolling material on the bottom of your car where you usually get the most noise. This method is called sound deadening insulation VW Beetle and it’s very easy to use.

Remove everything from the back compartment

Remove everything from the back compartment and add sound deadening insulation
Remove everything from the back compartment and add sound deadening insulation

The first thing you need to do is to remove everything from the back compartment until the car is barebones in that area. When that is done, you just need to add the Quick Roof solution or any similar solution (such as Dynamat) that you might find on the market. You peel it off and then you apply it on the entire section, one roll at a time. Keep in mind that this is a sticky material so you might want to avoid any stickiness related problems. Using a small roll can be quite handy and you should definitely consider giving it a shot for that reason alone.It has a rubber adhesive underneath.

Add some extra carpet padding

If you want to get more Beetle sound deadening insulation, adding carpet padding can be a very good idea. You can also place this on your doors before the door panels. It can easily be placed anywhere you want in your car.

Why are these materials a good solutions for sound deadening insulation?

Thanks to it and the carpet padding, you can get a very good sound deadening insulation for less than $50. Many other similar solutions will end up costing you a lot more money, so you want to avoid spending too much when you don’t have to. In fact, this solution is one of the cheapest ones out there and it does bring in front a very good value for your money. That’s what makes this solution great to begin with, the fact that it does have a very distinct approach and the results you receive here are some of the best. You do need to try and give it a shot if you want, it’s a delight to use it and the end experience is very impressive to begin with.

Great soundproofing at a low cost

So, if you want to soundproof your VW Bus or Beetle, sound deadening insulation is a very good and cheap solution, this is by far the best way to do it. This is inexpensive, designed to offer you a great return on investment and you can easily eliminate or at least cover the engine noise. The carpet padding can be good if you want to get rid of any potential smells, so try to keep that in mind as well!

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