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What is a slammed VW Bug?

Slammed VW Bug

A slammed VW Bug or Beetle is a lowered vehicle. “Slamming” or “Stancing” is a car modification which means that the suspension is lowered and that the bumper should almost stick on the floor. In most cases the Bug won’t move faster, but way slower.

What are the advantages of a slammed VW Bug

  • The VW Bug looks much better when it sits long and low to the ground. Lowered springs can transform even the ugliest cars into something less ugly.
  • Improved handling. A slammed VW Beetle will handle better and sit flatter through the turns.
  • Lower center of gravity. A lowered suspension lets your car sit closer to the ground and increases stability through or during emergency movements.
  • More aerodynamic. With the VW Bug sitting lower, there’s less air going underneath. This reduces the amount of drag imposed on the Beetle.

What are the disadvantages of a slammed VW Bug

  • Lowering your Bug will make sure that there is a slight or dramatic loss of ride quality. The vehicle will be more jiggly and you’ll notice new bumps in the road which previously would have been ironed out by your standard suspension doing its job.
  • Your VW Bug will slam into potholes or other road imperfections, which means that this increases the chances of damaging your wheels and wear on other suspension components.
  • A slammed Bug can improve handling. However, only if the road is perfectly smooth.
  • A slammed Beetle can cause tires to wear unevenly or cause extreme wear pattern.

How to lower a VW Bug

In this video tutorial, Bill Tate shows you how to lower a VW Bug.

VW Beetle lowering springs and lowering kit

Many VW Beetle lowering springs and lowering kits are available on the market. Click here to find out where you can buy them at a low price.

A slammed VW Bug is a style just like you have the California look and the Rat Rod VW Bug look.


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