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Rock and roll bed: a Rusty Lee bed or hinges?

Anyone renovating a VW bus and converting it to a campervan will face the same problem: which rock and roll bed should I put in my van? There are a few solutions possible and we are going to discuss them in this article.

What is a rock n roll bed?

Let’s start with the basics: what is a rock n roll bed? A rock n roll bed is the most space efficient and comfortable way to get a great night’s sleep in your VW Bus. Actually, a rock n roll bed is a 2-in-1 package: you’re not only getting a comfortable bed to sleep on, you’re also getting a comfortable seat in your Bus.

Rock n roll bed in a VW Bus

Rock n roll bed in a VW Bus

A rock n roll bed uses a specific mechanism that allows you to turn your seat into a bed. This is due to their collapsible features. Some people prefer to buy premade rock and roll frames, whereas more hands-on campers like to build their own. However, you choose to acquire one, be sure to source the very best foam to put on top of it.

Ensuring that your bed is fully equipped with premium foam will guarantee comfortable sitting and a fantastic night’s rest. Soon enough, you’ll be looking forward to a night in the VW and not dreading another uncomfortable one.

Rock n roll bed for sale

There are multiple rock n roll beds for sale on the market. You have the classic DIY rock and roll bed hinges, you have the regular frames and you have the high quality Rusty Lee bed.

Rock and roll bed hinges

Rock and roll bed hingesThis is by far the cheapest solution. However, you have to be a handy man when installing these rock and roll bed hinges. If you opt for this solution, you will have to work in a very structured way and you must measure everything very well. These rock and roll bed hinges are 90 euros on the site of Just Kampers. Click here to download the rock and roll bed plan to install hinges. 

Rusty Lee bed

Rusty Lee rock and roll beds are premium beds. They are beds of high quality and the company provides a personal service. They have custom widths, sizes and colours are available to suit your needs. A Rusty Lee bed is much more expensive than the hinges. You can buy a 3/4 width Rusty Lee bed from £230 / €260 (withoud shipping). Compared to the hinges, these Rusty Lee beds are very easy to install. Click here to download the rock and roll bed plan to install the Rusty Lee bed.

Rusty Lee rock n roll bed frame for a VW Bus

Rusty Lee rock n roll bed frame for a VW Bus

Full width rock and roll bed or not

There are full width rock and roll beds and 3/4 width rock n roll beds. The full width bed is 1460mm, the 3/4 width bed 1050mm. The three quarter bed allows you to provide extra cupboards space next to the bed. The full bed provides extra sleeping space, so you also have more comfort.

Rock and roll bed with seat belts

The rock and roll bed with seat belts doesn’t exist. In both cases (hinges & Rusty Lee bed) you have to buy them separately. Not all rock n roll beds are the same, but the Rusty Lee is very safe. This is the seat belt anchorage test:

What should we choose?

The choice mainly depends on your budget. Both solutions are fine: the Rusty Lee bed is easy to install but expensive, the hinges are cheap but it requires some skills.

Good luck with your choice!

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