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VW Super Bugger: a VW Bug with camper

Super Bugger: a VW Bug with camper trailer

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the iconic Super Bugger, a VW Bug with camper.  What is a Super Bugger?  A Super Bugger is a VW Bug camper conversion, done by a Costa Mesa camper company back in the 70s. It is a cross between a Beetle and an RV, truly an eye-catching vehicle.  The VW Bug campers are...Read More

Picture of a Volkswagen Thing type 181

What to look for when buying a VW Thing?

When buying a VW Thing or Type 181, you must consider some things that may influence the purchase price. It is a very specific vehicle that requires the necessary attention, and the parts are not all equally easy to obtain. Check the VW Thing extensively for rust Some typical rust spots: the body pan, especially under the battery. The rocker panels...Read More

Working of the air-cooled vw Beetle engine

Air-cooled VW Beetle Engine: The Complete Guide

The air-cooled engine is very simple, that is the main reason why it was used that often in motorcycles, stationary pumps, and petrol-engined road tools. In this guide, we’ll cover multiple topics about the air-cooled engine: how the engine works, the engine removal process, the engine reinstallation process,… Air-cooled engine Not only...Read More

how to install sound deadening insulation in a vw beetle and bus

How to install sound deadening insulation

In this article we will show you how to install sound deadening insulation. If there’s one thing we know about VW Buses and Beetles more specifically, that would be the deafening sounds that they provide most of the time. It’s always a good idea to try and deal with these sounds to the best of your capabilities. What you need to do here is to acqui...Read More

VW Beetle Police car from Germany

The remarkable VW Beetle Police Car

Back in the 60s and 70s, the streets were flooded with VW Beetle police cars. Not only in Germany, but also in other countries around the globe. The VW Beetle police car could be found in various versions: black and white, green and white (Germany) or red and white. The bumper mounted spotlights were obviously an addition, and we presume holes were...Read More

Volkswagen Diecast model cars

Our 8 favorite Volkswagen Diecast models: VW Bus and Beetles

Volkswagen Diecast is a name that has been one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to model cars. Many people still find it fascinating as it’s a classic that never goes out of fashion. Here is our favorite selectien of Volkswagen Diecast model cars. The selection consists of VW Buses and Beetles. 1:18 Volkswagen Kafer “MotorhomeR...Read More

How to fix oil leaks and drips for a VW Beetle or Bug

It’s actually pretty common to find a VW Beetle oil leak and this is why you need to figure out the best way on how you can fix those oil leaks and drips as fast as possible. Spot the oil leaks Go under the Bug and then start checking the car. Wipe everything down and then come back after a few minutes to see where the oil is dripping from. The nut...Read More

64 VW Beetle warning lights you must know

64 VW Beetle warning lights you must know

When one of the VW Beetle warning lights flashes on the dashboard of your car, something can be quite wrong. To know how serious the problem is, it is useful to know what exactly is going on. As car technology develops and more functions are added, it is inevitable that there is a greater chance that something goes wrong. And with more than 60 diff...Read More

How to replace an alternator?

How to replace an alternator?

The alternator can most easily be accomplished with the engine out of the car, but it can also be done with the engine in the car by following the steps below. Raising the fan housing Remove the drive belt as follows The front half of the alternator pulley has two cut-out slots in it. Inserting a thin screwdriver in either slot locks the pulley so ...Read More

Transmission shop

Find a transmission shop near me

As we mentioned before in the article What is a car transmission, the transmission is the beating heart of your vehicle. The transmission is a component that often breaks down. As a result, you often have to go to a transmission shop. In this shop, you can buy new transmission parts, a completely new transmission or you can have it repaired here by...Read More