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How to start a rebuilt VW Beetle engine?

start rebuild vw beetle engine

Starting a rebuilt VW Beetle engine might seem like a lot of hard work at first, but with the right approach and good focus you can easily get the job done very fast. Before you add the rebuilt VW Beetle engine into your car, it’s always a good idea to start it on a stand or floor bench as that’s how you can see whether the engine is good to add to your car or not.

Preparing the starter

So, in order to finalize the VW Beetle engine disassembly, you will need to put a 6V starter into a 12v bell housing. A bushing converter will be needed and it will be placed into a dedicated hole within the bell housing. If you have a 12V starter and you need to place it into a 6V bell housing, you will need to get the proper bushing as well. If you want you can add a gas tank to the bell housing, it can be helpful if you have enough space, it all comes down to you and the situation at hand!

Hook the bell housing to the rebuilt VW Beetle  engine

The next step would be to hook the bell housing up to the engine. Line it up with the holes and it will slip. Most of the time the nuts are 17mm models. When you add the starter you need to fit it on the bottom stud. Push it and let it fit, then use a bolt to place the product in place. Usually, you will see that bolts have nuts at both ends, remove one of them to make it fit. Slip it in, tighten the removed nut on the other side.

After you placed the nut on top of the starter, get a 17mm nut and put it on the lower side of the starter as well.

Once you finish with the starter side, you need to move on to the other side of the engine. You will need another 17mm nut, screw that in the rebuilt VW Beetle engine. After you finish this, you will have to use a special tool in order to tighten everything up. It will not be easy if you want to do it within the car, but since we are performing this task outside the car it’s a lot easier to complete this properly. You don’t have to go super tight, just make it snug enough. Repeat the process for the other side as well.

Hook up the fuel line and battery

You will then need to hook up the fuel line, it’s recommended to add a filter as this will help keep the dirt and debris out of your fuel. Push the fuel line into the fuel pump.

Hook up your battery, the positive cable is hooked to the starter. It might be a good idea to get a push button start tool.

Crank the rebuilt VW Bug engine and finish up the process

You will need to crank the Beetle engine before you start it. Leave it crank for 15 seconds or so as it will build up oil pressure as you do want that for sure. After the engine is started, use the throttle and start revving the engine. In case you just painted the engine you can expect it to smoke a lot until the paint sticks to the metal. It will take some time in order to do that, so don’t worry.

In order to start the engine, you will have to hook up a hot wire to the positive side of the coil and the positive side of the battery.

Rebuilt VW Beetle engine

Rebuilt VW Beetle engine

These are the steps you need to study in order to start your rebuilt VW Beetle engine. Most of the time this can be a challenging task if you are not accustomed with this type of manual work, but with these steps you shouldn’t have a problem. This was a very quick start-up, how to start rebuilt VW Beetle engine guide. If you want more guidelines or ideas, don’t hesitate to check up all the other articles on our website!

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