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How to install VW Beetle windows?

Install vw beetle windows

It’s not hard to install VW Beetle windows, it all comes down to using the right tools and approach if you want to get the job done correctly and as fast as possible. Most of the time it’s not that hard to install VW Beetle windows, so read onward to understands the right approach.

Add the seal on the window

It’s a good idea to add the seal on the window otherwise you might end up with problems along the way. Usually it’s better to get the window with a seal that’s pre-installed in order to reduce the installation time. You will then have to add a weed wacker line. Create an arc in the line and place it in the flap. Once it’s there, you can start feeding it.

At the bottom you need to cross them, cross properly and it will overlap. Soap or silicone needs to be rubbed into the corners of the opening. It enables the seal to seed in better. It also offers great lubrication. Take your time to do this correctly.

Install the VW Beetle windows

Now you have to do the installation process. Make sure that you place the weed wacker line first and then you have to slap it down. Don’t hammer it as it will cause damage.

Start pulling the seal up, pull the wire up and the seal will go upward. This will allow it to go in evenly. It might be difficult at first, but if you wiggle it you will see that it will work. This will seat the Beetle Window evenly, and that’s exactly what you need.

Before you pull the seal, make sure that the window is flushed against that lip. As you pull the wire you need to have another person that will push the window into the window from the other side. If you don’t slap it, the rubber doesn’t come all the way in. Sometimes you need to hold one side as the wire might end up slipping through.

If the seal on the outside doesn’t come out, try to use utensils in order to remove it properly. If you use silicone, the process will be very fast and seamless, which is exactly what you want. There shouldn’t be any space for your fingers, so make sure that everything is tight. You need to repeat the same process for the back window. Having 2 people is mandatory here as it will make the process fast and seamless.

And that’s how you install VW Beetle windows. In case you break the windshield, you can get aftermarket glass however you should try to avoid putting a lot of pressure on the window. It’s a much better option this way and results do pay off better this way.

Remember that you should take your time, don’t rush it and results will be great. It’s easy to use this and the experience is a lot faster than what you would expect. So, try to keep that in mind when you install windows VW Beetle!

If you need more info, please have a look at this how to video by Chris Vallone.

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