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How to fix oil leaks and drips for a VW Beetle or Bug

It’s actually pretty common to find a VW Beetle oil leak and this is why you need to figure out the best way on how you can fix those oil leaks and drips as fast as possible.

Spot the oil leaks

Go under the Bug and then start checking the car. Wipe everything down and then come back after a few minutes to see where the oil is dripping from. The nuts on the oil strainer are loose most of the time and you will see that it’s very hard to tighten them properly. However, tightening them is indeed the best solution but you shouldn’t go too tight. It’s something that you might want to avoid as it just makes everything a lot harder to deal with and you do want to avoid that type of problem to begin with.

How to fix vw beetle oil leaks and drips

Another place where you can see drip is near the rear main seal under the car. If that happens, you need to get a circular seal. You need to take out your engine, the clutch, the pressure plate and the fly wheel and you replace the main seal. It might be hard to do this at first, but you will need a 36mm heavy duty socket in order to remove the fly wheel. You will need a tool that keeps the fly wheel in place. A jack handle that’s longer will allow you to remove the nut a lot easier.

Pushrod tubes can also lead to a Beetle oil leak. They do sell kits that allow you to avoid removing the engine in order to replace the pushrod tubes, but the main idea is to do it the old fashioned way. It’s faster, easier and better as a whole.

The oil cooler can also leak and you should also pull the engine in order to replace the cooler. The issue does appear when you overuse the engine. In order to remove the cooler you will have to remove a nut and then you will have to see if there are leaks or not. If it leaks, on the down side of the pushrod tubes you will see oil leaks.

If you do pull the engine out, it’s important to replace or at least check all the gaskets and seals that can be found on your car. At the end of the day, they might all lead to a VW Beetle oil leak sooner rather than later, so it’s a very good idea to address them the best way you can.

The valve cover gaskets might be leaking too, so you need to pull them down. Use an old rag, slip it in the hole and pull it, as that will help you pull the valve cover without a problem.

Usually, these are the area where you have to fix the VW Beetle oil leak. It’s not hard to identify them if you go under the car so you should try to get some special equipment then go in there to get the best results.

Fix the oil leaks as soon as possible

Remember to try and fix oil leak problems fast, as otherwise you will end up with quite a bit of issues in the long run.

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