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Electric VW Bus or I.D. Buzz: release date 2022

Electric VW Bus, release date 2022 (I.D. Buzz)

In this article, we will feature the new electric VW Bus and its price and one of the best classic VW Bus electric conversions you will ever have seen. 

New Volkswagen Microbus

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity. With only a few electric vehicle options for large families, the new Electric VW Bus (I.D. Buzz) aims to fill a largely untapped market. The all-electric Bus currently only exists in concept form, Volkswagen has confirmed that a production version will be sold in the US. 

Technical details

VW has announced some specific technical details about the concept’s electric powertrain. The passenger bus uses electric motors on the front and rear axles that generate a combined 369 horsepower and provide all-wheel drive. The panel van or commercial electric VW bus (called the I.D. Buzz Cargo) has a standard 201-hp electric motor at the rear, but a front-mounted motor is available for those who want all-wheel drive.

Charging time

According to VW the batteries will provide driving ranges of 200 and 340 miles, respectively. However, those numbers are based on the European WLT cycle, which are generally optimistically high. Volkswagen claims that those who plug into a DC fast charger will be able to get an 80 percent charge in as little as 30 minutes

Interior and technology

The new electric microbus will have a configurable interior, which is really nice. The electric VW bus’s three rows of seats can be spun around (yes, including the front seats), laid down for sleeping purposes, or removed completely. This unlocks countless variations and lots of room for activities. We’re not sure how much of the concept’s fanciful interior will see production, but the cutting-edge features include a fold-away steering wheel and a head-up display with augmented reality. 

Release date: 2022

A question that keeps every VW enthusiast busy: when will Volkswagen release the I.D. Buzz? Well, it won’t arrive until 2022. So we have to wait for another couple of years. 

Pricing information

The electric VW Bus price has yet to be determined, but we expect it to open between $40,000 – $70,000.

Electric T1 VW Bus conversion 

A few months ago, this 1964 T1 VW Bus was converted by Zelectric. This company specializes in selling ready-to-drive electric vehicles (no assembly required). The conversion is a beautiful example of an iconic 20th century automotive design updated with 21st century drive technology.

VW Bus electric motor

Zelectric Motors replaced the aircooled engine with an electric motor. The VW Bus electric prototype is likely to get around 70 miles (113km) before needing a recharge. You could add extra batteries to double of triple that range, there is enough space in the bus to do this. The VW Bus retains its original manual transmission, using stock gearing. You can move from a dead stop in second or third gear, and you can leave it in third gear to speeds up to about 50.

VW Bus electric motor

VW Bus electric motor

Electric battery installation

The lithium batteries are located under the middle bench. The lifespan of these batteries is probably around 160,000 miles (257,000km). The charging time takes between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the volt outlet.

VW Bus electric batteries

VW Bus electric batteries

Electric package

There is a price tag attached to this conversion. Zelectric Motors is offering this VW Bus electric package starting at $55,000 (including the electric motor, reworked four-speed transmission, disc brakes and LED lights).

Electric car conversion

In one of our other articles we discuss everything you need to know about an electric car conversion. We have a closer look at the total cost for an electric conversion, which engine you can use, how much money you can save with an electric car and we give DIY restoration tips. You can also use this handbook for a DIY electric car conversion.

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